Moving Forward


“Forget mistakes. Forget failure. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.” — Will Durant Forging ahead when you've had a setback can fill you with doubts and insecurities. Most people look for certainty in their lives, and when the rewards for our hard work don't match up - it creates uncertainty. [...]

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It’s Okay to Need Help!


In 2016, a study concluded that 2.8% of adults in the world have ADD/ADHD. Recently, there has become a large push for educating people on the signs and symptoms of ADD/ADHD since they come in different forms for both males and females. This has begun to open people's eyes that areas of their life that others have [...]

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Women’s History Month: Mel Robbins


Following on March's Monthly Focus of Women's History Month, we wanted to highlight Mel Robbins. Robbins wrote The 5 Second Rule and has inspired people everywhere to get motivated and get moving. Here's a quick, 10-minute video synopsis of the 5 Second Rule from Mel Robbins herself:   5 Mel Robbins Quotes: "The 5 Second Rule: [...]

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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution


Did you know by now most people have already stopped working towards their New Year's Resolution? Coming into a new year has traditionally been a time for reflecting on the past year and working towards new goals in the upcoming year. But, it doesn't have to be the only time to start or work towards your [...]

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Celebrate Your Success


Before we dive into the 'new year, new me' movement, let's take a moment to celebrate all that you've accomplished so far in your lifetime. Gratitude and celebrating your successes will help set you up for continued success. Take 5 minutes and write out some of the things you've already's some things that might be [...]

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Planning for 2022


New Years Eve, a time for hope and encouragement, is right around the corner. Take some time to plan for the big night! Goals can be set and achieved all year long, but most people look at New Years as the start of something new - and a time to set goals. Think about your life [...]

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Your Personal Vision


Oftentimes people will get lost in the fear of failing or a state of indecision. This rabbit hole of feelings tend to bring people down emotionally, but what if we had a way to stay out of this state of mind? Every person was put on this planet with a purpose and our journey on Earth is [...]

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Decision-Making: The 4 Steps to Maximizing Your Efforts


Making decisions comes in all shapes and sizes. From what you're going to wear in the morning to what career path you'd like to follow. For large decisions, we typically hear people say you should make a pro and con list. But, what if a pro and con list doesn't work for you? Here's four steps [...]

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Don’t Should All Over Yourself


"Should"'s a powerful word. I should work out. I should eat healthy. I should be productive. I should save more. I should spend more time with people. Whatever lands on your should list continually repeats inside your head -- and your thoughts are a powerful message to your psyche about who you are. Your 'should list' is a reflection of what is [...]

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Find Your Zone of Genius


According to, we all have a 'genius zone'. This is when we find the tasks we are both skilled at and enjoy, simultaneously. By working in the genius zone, we naturally feel more energized by completing these tasks which makes us more productive, and motivated! Find Your Genius Zone: Create a 2x2 grid and label [...]

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