Successful New Years Resolutions


Many people set the right intention with creating a New Year's resolution, but lack the experience to create a successful program for themselves. New Year's resolutions often are framed in the negative rather than the positive affirmation of that goal. People also tend to create a general goal instead of something specific enough to obtain it. Let's look at [...]

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Make the Holiday Bright (for You)


Let's face it - the holidays can make you feel a little crazy, especially now with the pandemic. Taking care of YOU is of vital importance for your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Here's some ways to take care of you and make this holiday bright and cheery. Accept Imperfection After watching all the holiday movies [...]

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Reflect with Gratitude


2020 was supposed to be the year of YOU which quickly shifted into a new normal that nobody saw coming. Adjustments had to be made ranging from grocery shopping all the way up to our social gatherings. Every part of your life was affected, but you were never alone throughout it all. The World changed together. [...]

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Make This (Socially Distant) Holiday Season Extra Special


Many people are wondering if it is possible to celebrate the holidays this year. Are there ways to safely enjoy spending quality time with family and friends? With some creativity, the holidays don’t have to be canceled! Here are some ways to make this holiday season extra special while maintaining social distancing. Invest more time and [...]

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Universal Human Rights Month


We can do better as a society and to our fellow mankind. We've seen cruelty and hate engulf the country - and we've seen people take a stand to be better, do better and promote loving each other. In 2001, President George W. Bush declared the first Human Rights Week - later becoming a monthlong, worldwide holiday. [...]

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