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5 Ways to Stay Positive in Any Situation


This year has been hard on everyone regardless of social or economic status. It's ok to acknowledge that things may have been difficult; however, we all have a choice in how we react and the attitude we take towards any scenario we find ourselves in. Here are 5 ways to stay positive in any situation: Practice [...]

5 Ways to Stay Positive in Any Situation2020-11-23T15:03:12+00:00

4 Ways to Care for Your Body


“You can’t pour from an empty cup” How do you prevent your own cup from becoming empty? With all the challenges we face daily, self-care is of the utmost importance.  It is the oil that keeps the gears of our mind, body, and spirit running effortlessly. Things like eating healthy, exercising regularly, practicing mindfulness, and meditation [...]

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15 Healthy Snacks to Make College Eating Effortless


College student lives are spent mostly on the go, whether it be to class, to the coffee shop to study, or to an extracurricular activity. It can be easy to get overwhelmed in the hustle and bustle. There are so many different things on your metaphorical plate that it could be easy to forget about what [...]

15 Healthy Snacks to Make College Eating Effortless2020-11-10T13:56:51+00:00

What is No-Shave November Really About?


Most of us have heard of the phrase No-Shave November on social media and from family and friends. This winter trend was created to bring awareness about the battle many people and their loved ones have had with cancer. The idea is for people to let their hair (that many cancer patients lose) grow for the [...]

What is No-Shave November Really About?2020-11-02T04:37:36+00:00

5 Ways to Maintain Motivation and Avoid Burnout Amid a Pandemic


2020 has been an unpredictable year, to say the least. At this point, it is fair to say most of us have felt at least a little overwhelmed at the many changes it has brought. The pandemic specifically has changed the way households and businesses operate and provided new challenges to families across the world. At [...]

5 Ways to Maintain Motivation and Avoid Burnout Amid a Pandemic2020-09-23T17:44:15+00:00

Staying Motivated During the Pandemic


As colleges reopen and social distancing remains in place throughout the country, we realize this is the environment we are living in for “awhile”. Don’t get discouraged or lose focus of your end goals. Stay positive and know that “awhile” does not mean forever. If you feel overwhelmed, here are few tips to help you stay [...]

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Switch It Up


Have you ever noticed that when you sit down in the same exact spot to do your schoolwork that your brain starts to wander? Switch it up. It’s perfectly OK to create more than one study space. Your desk might keep all of your notebooks, books, pens pencils etc. but your brain may need a variety [...]

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Emotional Wellness Month


We hear of "self-help", "self-care" and "self-development", but "emotional wellness" is a term you may not have heard much of. Emotional wellness is the ability to process our feelings in a healthy way and manage stress. Stress can be either mental or emotional and can have a negative impact on your body. Stress can affect the [...]

Emotional Wellness Month2020-10-02T15:32:48+00:00

Working Out While studying


There are many benefits to working out while studying. Scientific studies have shown that exercise can improve your memory. So get up and move while you study to help boost your brain power and thinking skills. The best thing: these are two for one activities that help you stimulate your body and mind simultaneously. Listen to [...]

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Make the Most Of Everyday


Part of taking care of yourself mentally is keeping up with your work in a way that is most beneficial to you. Use these quick study tips to keep from cramming for your quizzes and tests. Use Class Time Wisely. Sometimes, your professor ends the lecture early. Rather than rushing out the door, try taking those extra [...]

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