Making decisions comes in all shapes and sizes. From what you’re going to wear in the morning to what career path you’d like to follow. For large decisions, we typically hear people say you should make a pro and con list. But, what if a pro and con list doesn’t work for you? Here’s four steps you can take to maximize your efforts in your decision making process:

Step 1: Write it down!
All important or difficult decisions must be made on paper. This will allow your brain to focus on what you’re trying to decide.

Step 2: Be clear.
Being clear on what you want and why you want it is very important. If you’re unclear, you may lose what your ultimate goal is. This will also help you decide if you are achieving your desired outcome.

Step 3: Don’t wait for certainty.
Don’t get stuck in a loop! Make the best decision for you and work towards achieving it. If the goal or needs change, reassess and start again.

Step 4: Value Clarification
You may be working towards many things at one time – or deciding on multiple things at once. Determine which items are the most important to you and put them in order. This way you can make sure you are working towards achievable goals that matter most to you.

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