In 2016, a study concluded that 2.8% of adults in the world have ADD/ADHD. Recently, there has become a large push for educating people on the signs and symptoms of ADD/ADHD since they come in different forms for both males and females. This has begun to open people’s eyes that areas of their life that others have said to ‘just do better’ are actually related to ADD/ADHD.

The good news is there are a ton of resources for help – and it’s OK TO ASK FOR HELP. Don’t let fear be the reason you aren’t getting the help you need.

What ADD/ADHD May Look Like For Some

  • Not everybody has the hyperactivity portion of ADHD. Some just have a hard time paying attention, but don’t have the need to be moving constantly.
  • Many people with ADD/ADHD have challenges with short-term memory; making tasks difficult
  • Sticking to a routine can be difficult – this includes diet and exercising routines
  • People may be impulsive
  • Being disorganized and difficulty with prioritizing is a big one!
  • Frequent mood swings or trouble coping with stress

Some Ways to Combat ADD/ADHD

  1. Celebrate Small Successes
  2. Remove “should” from your vocabulary. Change your mindset to “I want to do…”
  3. Delegate tasks that are challenging for you
  4. Find tasks that interest you and use them to your advantage
  5. Make boring tasks an exciting game

Ready to get help? Your Success Coach, Kim Dalius can help!