I scream, you scream, we all scream for National Ice Cream Month!


I scream, you scream! We all scream for ice cream! July is National Ice Cream Month, so let's celebrate the summer months with a scoop of your favorite ice cream. Share the fun with friends this month: Pick up various flavors of ice cream and invite your friends over for an epic ice cream adventure. Have [...]

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#BlackLivesMatter  A simple hashtag empowered a gigantic movement.  Back in 2013, the hashtag Black Lives Matter was created because of the events of Trayvon Martin’s injustice. But this powerful little hashtag elicited a movement that grew into thousands of chapters advocating for equality justice. Black Lives Matter Month is a time for reflection and a reminder [...]


Stress Management with Your Success Coach


As we close in on the final week of Teen Self-Esteem month, we thought it was important to highlight that help is only a phone call away. There are many resources for anybody that is in need of help regardless of the topic; yet, so many people do not know where to turn. A success coach [...]

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Self-Esteem – Get Some!


Being confident is a feeling that anybody can possess with the correct skillset. Confidence has been correlated to achievement, good relationships and being satisfied. Without confidence, people tend to be depressed or may end up in an abusive relationship. Let's work on some skill sets that will improve your confidence, self-worth and self-love. Exercise. I know, [...]

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National Teen Self-Esteem Month


Whether you're still in your teen years or you've ventured into your 20s, teenagers are the future of our country and should be celebrated. The month of May is dedicated to teen self-esteem and helping teens voice their needs, share their perspectives and build a positive self-talk. Did you know? According to I Am Worth More: [...]

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month


April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) is an excellent resource to turn to if you are looking for ways to get involved! Why is it important to get involved? Because "Sexual Assault Awareness Month calls attention to the fact that sexual violence is widespread. This proclamation is a clear [...]

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Build Your Financial Future


Does your future dream include financial freedom? Let's hope so! Often, financial freedom comes to fruition after you have put in your time with an entry level positions and earned your way upwards. Living a financially stable life while pursuing a job that you are passionate about is often more challenging than it seems. One side [...]

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Heart Healthy Exercises


With New Year’s Resolutions not far behind us, and Heart Health month upon us, fitness suggestions and meal plans are available in abundance. But which one to choose? For the young at heart, a good rule of thumb is 60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous activity, preferably aerobic. For 3 of those days push [...]

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Heart Healthy Snacks


Whole30. Paleo. Keto. Keto “lite.” Macros. Gluten-free. Dairy-Free. FASTer way to fat loss. Organic. Homegrown. All Natural. Our society is definitely NOT devoid of food suggestions. People have been creating diets as far back as 1860! Now a days, you can even send a swab of saliva in the mail to find out what foods you [...]

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