Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training


Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a deep relaxation for building awareness of muscle tension in your body. This technique can help control stress, anxiety, and insomnia. The idea is to practice tensing one muscle group at a time and then relaxing it. With practice, you'll begin to naturally realize when you are tense, which will allow [...]

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10/10/10 Financial Plan


Have you ever heard that you have to 'pay yourself first'? The idea of paying yourself first is that you are securing your finances for the future before you've paid the bills. Think it's impossible? It's not! A general breakdown of the 10/10/10 Plan is to: Invest 10% of your earnings -- you may not know what [...]

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Finding A Success Coach


There are all different types of coaches: sports, business, family, sales, life, success, etc. Their job is to help train people in their specialty and create accountability. Have you flirted with the idea of having a life, or success, coach, but were unsure of where to start? Here's some pointer for picking a coach: Get insight [...]

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National Stress Awareness Month


Historically, our brains were designed to use stress as a way to protect ourselves. Think back to caveman days… Caveman were likely in a constant state of danger from the environment around them or predator animals. The flight or fight responses were designed to protect the caveman from impending danger. But, what happens when the world [...]

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