Help! I’m In College and I’m Freaking Out!


Going to college is a big step into adulthood and it can be scary at times. That’s OK and completely normal. Remember that college is all about experiences while learning and growing. Take these years to get involved with different groups and organizations. Find the areas that excite you the most and make it a part [...]

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The Magic of Water


We all have been told to drink lots of water. Do you drink enough per day? Why is it so important, and what are the benefits? Because our body is made up of 60% water, it’s extremely important to consume plenty of water throughout the day. It helps cleanse out the toxins in your body, and [...]

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Get Up & Get Moving: Yoga For Your Morning Routine


What’s your morning routine after you wake up? Have you considered adding yoga to energize your body? Your body will get used to waking up at the same time every day, if you practice yoga in the morning. Yoga has many health benefits. It has a positive effect on your endocrine system, which will help keep [...]

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Studying Tips for the Self-Guided College Student


How do you study for your exams? Do you wait until the last minute? Here are some tips to help you study better. Schedule your studying sessions in a planner. Do not wait until the last minute! Cramming for your test will cause anxiety and you will retain less information. Instead, write down all of your [...]

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Bullying Prevention Month


October is Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying happens everywhere and to the vast majority of people all over the world. You might think of bullying as a big kid in school who pushes small kids or makes fun of them in public. But, there are many types of bullying. So, what is bullying? It’s when a person [...]

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