Connect to Your Inner Self


Feeling disconnected? We consume our days with so much "stuff": friends, family, tv, social media, studying, work, etc. With so many distractions, when do you take time to stop, reflect, and BE with yourself? Your inner self is made up of your emotions, values, feelings, etc. It's the part of you that cannot be seen physically. [...]

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training


Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a deep relaxation for building awareness of muscle tension in your body. This technique can help control stress, anxiety, and insomnia. The idea is to practice tensing one muscle group at a time and then relaxing it. With practice, you'll begin to naturally realize when you are tense, which will allow [...]

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Finding A Success Coach


There are all different types of coaches: sports, business, family, sales, life, success, etc. Their job is to help train people in their specialty and create accountability. Have you flirted with the idea of having a life, or success, coach, but were unsure of where to start? Here's some pointer for picking a coach: Get insight [...]

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Moving Forward


“Forget mistakes. Forget failure. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.” — Will Durant Forging ahead when you've had a setback can fill you with doubts and insecurities. Most people look for certainty in their lives, and when the rewards for our hard work don't match up - it creates uncertainty. [...]

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Maintaining a Positive Self Image


According to Psycho Cybernetic author Maxwell Maltz, everybody has a“mental portrait” that is shaped from their past experiences. This snapshot builds their personality, but most people allow the negative experiences to define them. If the past can shape our personality - why couldn't the positive experiences do the same thing? Self image can either aid or hinder [...]

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It’s Okay to Need Help!


In 2016, a study concluded that 2.8% of adults in the world have ADD/ADHD. Recently, there has become a large push for educating people on the signs and symptoms of ADD/ADHD since they come in different forms for both males and females. This has begun to open people's eyes that areas of their life that others have [...]

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – and the beholder is society


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – and the beholder is society. Billboards and television used to be the only places that our society learned a standard of beauty from, but now it includes Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Filters drastically change people’s appearances to portray people as ‘perfect’ which are not based in reality. [...]

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2022 Mental Health Tips


The University of Oregon spent some time talking with experts on mental health tips for 2022. Below are the highlights, but for a more in-depth look, visit the University of Oregon website. The pandemic took a toll on people's mental health and wellbeing. Experts from the Department of Counseling Psychology and Human Services in the UO’s [...]

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Winter Blues and Burnout


Winter can be a gorgeous time of the year with freshly fallen snow and twinkling lights strung through the streets. But, winter is also a time when most people feel more stressed out than other seasons. While it's currently January and we're through the hustle and bustle of the holidays - it's still cold and dark [...]

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Celebrate Your Success


Before we dive into the 'new year, new me' movement, let's take a moment to celebrate all that you've accomplished so far in your lifetime. Gratitude and celebrating your successes will help set you up for continued success. Take 5 minutes and write out some of the things you've already's some things that might be [...]

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