created a list of 50 ways college students can maximize their summer break. We’ve found our top 5 favorites for you (covid friendly), but you can review the full list here: 50 Ways for College Students to Maximize Summer Break.

    1. Learn a new skill to add to your resume. Skills are learnable assets that can enhance your ability to achieve your goals. Pick a topic and dive in! You’ll never know where those skills can lead you.
    2. Plan a budget for the upcoming school year. Put together a budget for your books, living expenses, etc. This will help you save over the summer so that you’ll be prepared when it’s time to return to school.
    3. Join a summer sports league. Get outdoors, get social and get moving. All things that can benefit your mental and physical health!
    4. Go camping with friends. Being outdoors can help you get grounded and connect to your inner self. Grab some friends and hit the outdoors for some time in the sun, a hiking adventure and storytime around the campfire.
    5. Polish up your LinkedIn profile. Whether you’re trying to secure a summer job or planning for your future, an up-to-date LinkedIn profile can be beneficial. Once it’s time to utilize your LinkedIn, you may not have the time to make the necessary updates. Reviewing and updating every 6 months can maximize your time later.

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