Did you know by now most people have already stopped working towards their New Year’s Resolution?

Coming into a new year has traditionally been a time for reflecting on the past year and working towards new goals in the upcoming year. But, it doesn’t have to be the only time to start or work towards your goals. Goals can be modified and adjusted at any time. So, if you found yourself in the category of people who have already discontinued working towards their goal, let’s take some time to get you back on track!

One of the major reasons that people quit on their goals so easily is due to a lack of planning. Most people set a generic goal (ex: I want to lose weight), but they don’t put in the steps to make SMART goals. Rather than just telling what you want to do, take some time right now to map out HOW you will reach that goal and get really clear on WHAT that goal is. Be SMART:

Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Reasonable – Timely

A SMART goal would look something like this:
I want to lose 15 pounds by June 1, 2022 by managing my caloric intake on a daily basis with smart food choices. Additionally, I will work out 5 times a week so that I can safely strengthen my body during the process.

Putting a plan in place of how to achieve your New Year’s Resolution will greatly increase your chances of achieving your goal and making decisions that benefit your long-term vision.