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Welcome USC students!

Coaching at the Caruso center will begin on August 17th and continue throughout the academic year ending on May 13th 2021. We had an overwhelming response to the one on ones last semester so I have chosen to offer those four times a week. The one on one sessions will be 25 minutes each. Please click on student appointments to reserve a time and date. There are no fees involved as  Success Coaching is a vital resource to the students at USC which is provided by the Caruso Catholic Center.

Thanks so much for your interest in the program!

Looking forward to meeting you,

  • One on Ones – Every Monday through Thursday, at various times listed below on the monthly schedule, Kim will be meeting with students by appointment only to talk through any life coaching they might need! This resource will be provided via a Zoom video platform. This platform will enable students to connect for success coaching in the comfort of your own dorm room, college apt or your own home.  Also, this platform works great in libraries, coffee shops or just outside with some fresh air.  No matter where you choose to connect, it’s the convenience that will enable you to make faster strides to success!

Once students sign up for an appointment, they will receive a confirmation email with Zoom link and an additional email with a contract via Docusign to sign and complete. That’s it!  It’s convenient, easy and tech driven to aid in your busy college life.

Do your friends come to you seeking advice on relationship issues? Do you notice that your friends are not eating right, not sleeping, and stressed out? Do you want to help them? Please advise them about this resource provided by the Caruso Catholic Center.

Many students express the need for time management skills, stress management, goal setting skills and building self esteem for a successful college life.

Make every minute count and you will be a success!

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