Feeling disconnected? We consume our days with so much “stuff”: friends, family, tv, social media, studying, work, etc. With so many distractions, when do you take time to stop, reflect, and BE with yourself?

Your inner self is made up of your emotions, values, feelings, etc. It’s the part of you that cannot be seen physically.

It’s time to reconnect with YOU.

  1. Mindful meditations allow you to open up your mind to process things going on around you. It’s not about silencing the mind, but acknowledging thoughts and letting them pass.
  2. Journaling is a more active way of letting your brain flush out the thoughts that are cluttering your mind. Putting thoughts on paper for 10-15 minutes a day will allow your brain to create new free space for future thoughts, needs and desires.
  3. Create “me” time that is not filled by social media and electronics. Allow time for reflecting on you or do an activity you enjoy (device free).
  4. Ground yourself with nature. Kick off your shoes and put your feet on the ground. Enjoy nature. Listen to the birds. This helps enhance your senses and brings a sense of peace that you cannot find indoors.
  5. Don’t deny your feelings. There’s a huge push for being positive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel the other emotions as well. Acknowledge the feelings – whatever they are – and decide if those feelings are valid or if your monkey mind has taken over. Dealing with your emotions keeps you from bottling everything up and exploding.

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