Oftentimes people will get lost in the fear of failing or a state of indecision. This rabbit hole of feelings tend to bring people down emotionally, but what if we had a way to stay out of this state of mind?

Every person was put on this planet with a purpose and our journey on Earth is to find your purpose and build a life around it. You may have already found your purpose or you may be in the process of finding it still. And that’s okay! Ground yourself, and your emotions, with a vision built around your purpose. How do we do this?

As your purpose unfolds itself to you, focus your efforts on why what you do matters. What makes your purpose important? Create tasks and SMART goals around your vision and work towards those. Connect each action back to your vision. Remember, it’s a journey. This is not a race!

Actionable Task

If you are a ‘list’ person, before tackling your to-do list, try anchoring your tasks into your vision. Envision why these tasks are going to help you fulfill your vision. Breathe the vision into your body and watch the solutions to the tasks unfold before you.

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