According to Psycho Cybernetic author Maxwell Maltz, everybody has a“mental portrait” that is shaped from their past experiences. This snapshot builds their personality, but most people allow the negative experiences to define them.

If the past can shape our personality – why couldn’t the positive experiences do the same thing?

Self image can either aid or hinder people in their development since everything is tied back to their view of the world. The past was either founded in positive, or negative, emotions. These emotions shape a person’s belief system.

How can a person turn around their viewpoint?

The answer is in their imagination! The brain does not understand the difference between a past experience and something that is imagined. If you imagine the world and experiences in a positive frame of reference, then a positive mindset begins to form. Belief systems are based around these positive ‘experiences’ and can cause a shift in day-to-day patterns of thinking.

Don’t believe us? We dare you to try it out. Daydream about positive things and root your memories in positivity. See what the outcome is for yourself.