Make the Holiday Bright (for You)

Let’s face it – the holidays can make you feel a little crazy, especially now with the pandemic. Taking care of YOU is of vital importance for your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Here’s some ways to take care of you and make this holiday bright and cheery.

Accept Imperfection
After watching all the holiday movies with the perfect decorations and experiences, it is perfectly normal to become obsessed with wanting a movie-worthy holiday for yourself. It can be upsetting when we don’t have experiences that live up to expectations, so lower the bar and set your standards to something obtainable. Know that is OK if it’s not perfect. Imperfection is healthy and normal

Reduce Anxiety, Be Grateful
When you’re starting to feel anxiety take a moment to do a mental self check. Is this moment you’re in really something stressful – or – are you assigning unnecessary stress to the moment? If you’re in a long line,’s just a line. Nothing more. Don’t let something so simple ruin your day. Take that moment to reflect on what’s gone RIGHT in your day – replace anxiety with gratefulness.

Be Kind
Everybody gets stressed out during the holidays. While you cannot control somebody else’s mood and reaction, you can control yours. Respond to people with kindness and caring. You may just brighten their day and definitely your own.

Take Care of Yourself
If there is a large group getting together or situation that may put you at risk of getting Covid, don’t go. While we feel pressured to always spend time with each other at the holidays, your health and safety comes first. Don’t feel guilty for taking care of YOU.

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