Social Awareness Month

July is Social Wellness Month, so it’s your time to be social. Did you know that having a strong social network and healthy relationships with friends and family are important components of health? It even reduces stress!  There are many ways to increase your social network.

Exercising at a gym or fitness group are great ways to meet new people. Yoga and meditation classes will really help you calm your mind. It’s also wonderful to have those accountability partners to help push you to go to those classes.

Call a friend and meet up for coffee or lunch. Life can get busy, so when you get together, you can catch up and have many laughs and quality time.

Volunteering at a non profit organization always makes me feel good. You are doing something nice and helpful, and it’s another way to meet kind hearted people. Or, invite your friends and family to join you!

If you are growing your small business, then there are plenty of networking meetings you can attend. or your city chamber of commerce are some resources to check out. Doing business with people you like helps both of your businesses. Mingling with like minded individuals is also a bonus. 

Join a sorority, fraternity or any club/organization at your school. They always have meetings, trips and social events throughout the school year. Plus, you might be paired with a Big brother/sister. You can always become more involved by planning those events.

Maybe you have a dog or not, and just walk around your neighborhood or complex after dinner. That’s a fantastic time to see or meet your neighbors. They might end up being good friends.

Pursue your interests, and watch your social network grow!

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