The Eisenhower Method of Time Management

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” Dwight Eisenhower came up with a time management method that can help you decide what is most to least important on your to-do list. This method will help you become more productive and weed out the small tasks. There are four categories to schedule your activities.

1) Important and Urgent

These tasks need to be done immediately. Always leave some time in your schedule to handle unexpected issues/activities to avoid crises. 

2) Important but Not Urgent

These tasks can be scheduled to do later. Remember to make time to do these things correctly so that they don’t become urgent.

3) Urgent but Not Important

These tasks can be given to someone else or rescheduled. Make time slots of your availability, so people know when to speak with you, and arrange a meeting. It’s ok to politely say no to people, or assure them solve the problem.

4) Not Important and Not Urgent

These tasks can be eliminated. Avoid these distractions if possible, and just ignore them.

Eisenhower’s Principle will assist you with focusing on your priorities, becoming more productive, and helping you succeed.

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