Power of Self-Image

Let’s revisit the Average of 5 rule – that you are a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with. Do you believe this concept holds true for you? Look at the people you spend the most time with – do you have similar GPAs or participate in the same types of events?

Your self-image can play a role in how you perceive yourself and relate to your group of 5. The identity that you hold true for yourself will always ring true. If you believe yourself to be an A student, you will work towards becoming an A student. If you believe yourself to be an average student, you will put in enough energy to receive C’s.

What happens if you shift your thinking and re-shape your self-image? Can you change who you’ve always been? We believe so! CHANGE IS POSSIBLE. With a dynamic shift in your thinking about who you are as a person and the results you can achieve, it is possible for you to go from ‘an average student’ to a ‘A student’.

What areas of your life could you change if you re-shaped your self-image and who you believe you are.

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