As your gearing up for heading back to college – prepare your brain with these tips for getting in a flow and rocking your days.

Get a Routine. Routine and structure may sound scary to some people, but it helps your body know when it’s time to get down and into the work mode versus being able to have fun/free time. Sometimes your body just needs that extra muscle memory to focus on schoolwork instead of trying to force yourself to sit down and work at random times. Try it out! You may find a routine helps you in unexpected ways.

Find a System. It’s great to have tons of school supplies and every intention of being organized this year, but that alone will not make you organized. Put a system in place that works best for you and the way that your brain operates.

Expand Your Planner. Your planner doesn’t have to be just for homework assignments. You can track your work schedule, family commitments and/or social activities inside your planner – along with school work to keep everything organized in one place. This will help keep you from over-scheduling yourself.