According to, you have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. Sometimes one of these thoughts begins to consume us. Next thing you know, the day has slipped away and you can’t get focused on the tasks you should be doing. So, what do you do?

Start by telling yourself that whatever you are worried about will still be there later. Decide that you can come back to this issue later on. Yes, it can be that simple.

Next, put together a hand-written list of the tasks you to get done. Once you’ve made the list, pick your top THREE to complete for the day. You will only focus on those three until they’ve been completed.

Once you have your master list and selected three, decide which ONE task you will focus on for the next 20 minutes. Don’t do anything except for that one task. You truly can do anything for 20 minutes, so set the phone down, pick up your pen and get to work! (or whatever you may be doing)