It is useful to categorize the world around us. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the cars we buy, and arguably one the most important categories, the type of people we surround ourselves with. Believe it or not, the people we associate with dictates a large factor of our overall well being in the long term. We’re all a mix of good and evil, likeable and distasteful, but in order to combat that we have to combat with others (obviously with a minimal necessary force e.g. speech, diplomacy, compromise, etc.), which is also a simultaneous battle with ourselves. We use these experiences to learn and develop new social skills, as well as life lessons. Here are six bad characters extracted from a article written by Glenn Llopis, a contributor to Forbes’s Leadership Strategy. Llopis brilliantly outlines six types of people that can come as obstacles in your journey to your destination.

Shedding certain people off is a necessary step in life. You may have gotten a few licks of this back in high school. Certain friends weren’t loyal or attempted to defame you for some unknown reason. People can be too nice, too critical, hypocritical even. It’s a shameful side of humanity, but by attending to our own decisions, individual by individual, example by example, you create a net positive, but it’s up to you to strengthen your mind for such tasks.