Have you ever heard the phrase, “speak it into existence”?

There will be many tribulations in your life, as many of you have experienced reaching the age that you are now, maybe you regret not following a certain path or not accomplishing a goal that you felt you were more than determined to reach. Reflecting on these events, there will be a corner of your mind that points out your flaws so quickly, it’ll make your head spin. This is the same mind that will fantasize your accomplishments and project this ideal. This ideal is crushing, the mere thought makes you happy and guilty at the same time. You have two ways of dealing with this. Either you dispense with it and kill your fantasies, or you make some sort of covenant with reality to make such fantasies manifest into reality.

In order to make this real, you have to convince the other corners of your mind to work towards such tasks as a unity. How do you accomplish this? First, you have to set realistic expectations for your time frame. You want to be able to say what you are going to do, and what’s important is that you act it out, because you are what you do, not what you say you do. Now, if you’re a doer and what you’re doing is not helping, perhaps you have to restructure your plan. The speech is there to clarify and specify your actions so it is important to get your psyche together so you can put a comprehensive and cohesive plan together. The most important part of this process is getting your psyche aligned with the universe. Play with reality, but don’t bend it. Make order from chaos by using your mind. You may not be master of your own mind at the moment, but your ideas control your life, and you judge and manipulate your ideas at your own will. This means you can affirm and sharpen your beliefs. What you believe will be manifest in your life. Of course there will be mountains, but faith moves mountains, as it has been shown throughout human history. Humans have power over the story of humankind, and the universe is inline with this carbon-based organism known as humans. The universe has gifted you with the power of the logos.