New Years Eve: College Edition

Are you ready for a new adventure? Are you and your friends ready for a New Year’s Eve adventure? Pack your bags and let’s get to celebrating.

If you’re the outdoorsy type, pack your tent, food and hiking gear because it’s time for a weekend campout! If you aren’t quite ready for roughing it in the woods, there’s the forever popular cabin in the woods. Don’t forget the s’mores because nobody can resist this ridiculously messy snack. 

Are you the wild-and-crazy crew? Escape your academic college town for a few wild nights in Vegas! Not 21? Check out the city that never sleeps and head to New York City.

For our artsy-crafty friends a great night in to celebrate is to break out the scrapbooking materials. Gather your photos from the year so far and start crafting. Don’t forget to include the posy and everybody can contribute to the crafting options.

Whatever your style, get creative and make some lasting memories as you ring in the new year. Remember, it’s all about a fresh year and a fresh start and accomplishing your next goals.

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