Before You Head Home for the Holidays, Celebrate with Friends

There’s so much to be thankful for during the holidays as you go back home to celebrate with old friends and family. Before you head home, here’s some holiday cheer you can spread at your college.

 First, a not-so-fun topic: Clean your room! Ugh. Didn’t you hate hearing your parents say that? Before you leave the dorms, do a quick clean up. You’ll appreciate a clean space when you return to your dorm room. Once you are done with the cleanup – go ham with decorating! What a fun treat to have twinkle lights or a Star Wars theme setup.

Volunteer around your local college, (remember that it is National Universal Human Rights month!). Giving back to your community is always a great way to brighten your mood and serve as inspiration.

Curl up in bed with some hot cocoa and a group of friends around while you all binge watch your holiday favorites. Take inventory of everyone’s go-to-movies and show and then be prepared for a long night in – and don’t forget the popcorn.

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