December is traditionally known for observing Hanukkah and Christmas, but the 15th Century marked a change to include a focus on giving gifts to friends and family.

The concept continued to morph into an annual visit from Santa Claus who bring gifts to those who have been good all year long. In an effort to receive a gift from Santa Claus, children were encouraged to do ‘a good turn’, or a good deed, throughout the year to prove they were “good”.  December became especially important for doing good – and adults began to give financially during this time. Many nonprofits raise over 50% of their entire funding in the month of December.

This month, we encourage you to find your own way to give back. There are over 1.54 million charitable organizations in the U.S. – choose one that speaks to your soul. Give them your time or a financial donation, whichever you can afford.

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