Brian Tracy is a well-known motivational public speaker and self-development author whose writings include financial success. In his blog, How to Develop A Positive “Money Mindset”, he says that a money mindset “is your attitude to cash”. Since we tend to define success by money, having a positive attitude about money is extremely important. Here’s how Tracy says you can develop a positive money mindset:

Forgive Your Financial Mistakes.

Acknowledge that you’ve made some mistakes – and apologize to yourself (we know, it sounds funny to talk to yourself, but go ahead and give it a try). Your goal here is to be able to move forward without any negativity towards yourself and your finances.

Set Financial Goals.

Create a SMART goal specific to your finances. What are your short term goals and which ones will take longer to achieve. Both short and long-term goals are important as it helps you continue to move forwad.

Optimize Your Budget For Happiness.

Include fun into your budget! Money doesn’t always have to be serious. Set aside a few dollars for vacation, dinner with friends, etc. Just remember that the majority of your money goes towards bills and savings.

Inform Yourself About Money.

Surround yourself with positivity. The people you spend time with, the information on your social feeds and the books you read should all be centered around positive mindsets, attitudes and making smart decisions.