Part of taking care of yourself mentally is keeping up with your work in a way that is most beneficial to you. Use these quick study tips to keep from cramming for your quizzes and tests.

Use Class Time Wisely. Sometimes, your professor ends the lecture early. Rather than rushing out the door, try taking those extra 10 minutes of class time to work on that nice homework assignment or review your notes.

Do a Little Each Night. Look over your notes every night to make sure that you fully understand. You’re assignments, the lecture notes, and details that may be on the test later on. If you’re stuck at night, make sure you go talk to your professor before you get lost in the class.

Study Every Day. We get it. Nobody likes studying. However, going through your classwork material a little every day will make it a whole lot easier for you to remember the information for the quiz or test. This will be a lot easier than trying to cram all the information in right before a test comes.

Make a Friend in Every Class. If you’re heading to physical classes this year-try to make at least one friend in every class. If you end up having to miss a class you’ll always have somebody to rely on for Notes. Or, maybe you need a study session with somebody to get through tonight’s tough homework assignment. You’ll have a go to person who knows exactly what material you’re working on.