We talk a lot about taking care of your physical and mental health. Emotional wellness is also an extremely important part of maintaining your health. Emotional wellness is a compilation of reducing stress, self-care and working on your mental fortitude.

Mental health studies were initially founded back in 1883. More recently, Harvard studies have shown that mindfulness works to improve memory, compassion and self-awareness. It’s a fairly simple practice and can only take a few minutes a day to practice – a great resource is the Mindfulness Coach app. This app will slowly teach you how to practice mindfulness and reduce anxiety.

Emotions Are Beneficial to Our Survival

Outside stimulus experienced in the body creates an emotional response in our brain. These emotions can be either positive or negative – and are vital to our existence. “Fight or Flight” is a common phrase you may hear – which is really our bodies way of reacting to an emotional response. These emotions help us survive by producing fear/panic at something that may be harmful and can cause a physical reaction. Alternatively, we experience joy and pleasure when something positive happens to us.

Emotions are contagious!

Smile — you may just brighten your day AND others!

Boost Your Emotional Wellness

The National Institute of Health provides a free Emotional Wellness Toolkit for your use.