Everybody seems to be in a different level of comfort about going out these days. So, we’ve got some ideas you could do whether you’re still sticking close to home or you’ve ventured out into the world on a regular basis. Summer was meant for FUN!

Vacation Day

If you’re staying home these days and wishing you were globe-trotting, take this opportunity to bring vacation to you! if you were planning on going to Italy this year, cook up your favorite Italian dishes and download some music from Italy. Light some candles and embrace the experience of your home. And if you’re up for it, invite a handful of friends over to enjoy the ambiance.

Spa Day

Let’s face it, a spa day can be really expensive. Grab some nail polish, a facemask and your favorite movie. Make it a home spa day to remember with ending the night with a candle-lit bubble bath.

Murder Mystery Party

Murder mystery parties can be so much fun. It can range from a handful of people to many people depending on the party pack that you purchase. Choose one that accommodates your group, pick a day and have everybody dress up as their character. You’ll have a blast watching the storyline unfold in front of your eyes and memories for a lifetime.

Find a way that spices up your summer while staying in your comfort zone. 2021 is your year!