Whether you were planning to take summer classes or travel the world, the roller coaster of 2020 has likely changed your summer plans. Rather than dwell on what should have been here’s somethings to focus on over the summer months.

Summer Break 2020 DO’s

✔ Take time to read the book you purchased excitedly, but ran out of time to read
✔ FaceTime with friends and family – or social distance safely (if you’re feeling safe with this option) based on the laws governed by your county
✔ Make your vision board and include places you want to travel to once it is safe to do so
✔ Take an online class in an area you are passionate about – whether it is a part of your major or not

Summer Break 2020 DONT’s

✔ Don’t obsessively watch the new and Facebook live feeds of negative news
✔ Don’t isolate yourself from the world – stay connected with people in whatever ways you find safe to do (see above!)
✔ Don’t sit in a negative mindset – if you’re finding it difficult to get out of the ‘funk’, schedule a call with Your Success Coach to talk through new strategies