Studying Tips for the Self-Guided College Student

How do you study for your exams? Do you wait until the last minute? Here are some tips to help you study better.

Schedule your studying sessions in a planner. Do not wait until the last minute! Cramming for your test will cause anxiety and you will retain less information. Instead, write down all of your exam dates and block out some time to study per day. It can be 20 minutes to an hour a day, and you can take breaks in between. Use either a paper or mobile planner to keep your days organized.

Find ample space to study and get away from distractions. Do you have enough lighting so that you don’t strain your eyes? Is there enough area to spread your textbook and notes out? Turn off or silence your cell phone and television. Background music, especially classical music, may help you focus more.

Use flashcards, diagrams and practice exams. It is a highly effective way to study, rather than highlighting and re-reading the text. You should also review your class notes, handouts, and quizzes. Making acronyms is another fun way to help you remember important things. 

Organize a study group. Get your classmates together and go through class notes. They might have notes that you missed or you might have questions that they have answers to. You can quiz each other or have fun by making it like a game with two teams challenging one another.

Nourish your body with healthy foods. Stay away from junk food when studying. Instead, grab a fruit, yogurt or nuts. Oatmeal is a great high-carb, high-fiber breakfast choice before your big test. 

Water, water, water. When you keep yourself well hydrated, your brain will work better, and you will focus more. Bring a water bottle with you everywhere you go.

Do you feel more prepared for your exam? Get a good night’s rest and good luck!

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