Staying Motivated

We all have made new year’s resolutions at one point. Did you stick to it, was it a short term goal, or did it only last a few weeks? It can be difficult to stay motivated for many reasons, but here are some tips to help you accomplish your goals and focus on the tasks at hand.

What’s your WHY? Think about the reason you want to set and accomplish this goal, and make it personal. What is pushing you to reach that goal?

Set a goal.  The more detailed your goal is, the better. Visualizing it daily will keep you motivated. One way is to make a vision board with pictures of everything you’d like to achieve within the year. Place it where you will frequently see it. Another option is placing sticky notes or writing with a dry erase marker of your goals on your bathroom mirrors.

Make a list.  Writing your goals down with a pen, rather than typing it or just thinking about it, really helps boost your memory and the ability to comprehend. Break it down into small, realistic steps and do them one at a time. Setting deadlines is the key to getting what you want.

Tell someone. It holds you more accountable. Surrounding yourself with positive thinkers and like minded people will also drive you. Also, checking in with your accountability partner almost daily keeps you focused. It’s nice to have a cheerleader.

Money alone won’t motivate you. What are you passionate about? Will a boring job that pays good money bring happiness? Choose goals that do make you happy.

Read or listen to something inspirational. Choose a book or audiobook that has positive info and read/listen to it daily to keep you motivated. If you’re always on the road, then an audiobook would be better.

Do at least one action a day to move closer to your goal. It may be as small as posting about your business on social media or cleaning out one bathroom drawer. You will feel great knowing that you’re one step closer to reaching your goal.

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