Shift Your Focus

“You Give Life To What You Give Energy To”

When it feels like every day is a bad day, it’s time to take a step back and reflect. What words are you breathing life into? Are you constantly speaking negatively out loud – or even inside your head to yourself? We have thousands of thoughts every day and those thoughts frame what the world looks like to us.

Restructuring your thought process to highlight positive thoughts can breathe life into more positive experiences coming your way! It sounds crazy…we know…but, if you give it a try you’ll find yourself smiling more!

Here’s a great example. Recently, a friend was unhappy with how his work day was unfolding. He’s been finding it increasingly difficult to find joy in his work. He was asked to “reframe his thinking and pick a challenge for the day”. He found a work goal to embrace. From this one small shift in focus, he was able to find the inspiration to get through the work day and even started a goal for cleaning out his closet at home! A two-for-one!

Try it and let us know how re-shaping your thoughts is working for you.

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