Practice Kindness

It’s a new month! Practice kindness to kick off your August. Here are some ways to do that:

SMILE AND GIVE A COMPLIMENT! It’s a simple gesture, but it can make another person’s day. Let’s face it…smiles are contagious. You’re checking out at the grocery store, and the checkout clerk looks like their day isn’t going well. You smile, and tell them their fingernails are so pretty. It’s that simple.

PAY IT FORWARD. You’re hungry and you decide to use the drive thru at the nearest fast food restaurant. Why not go ahead and pay for the person behind you? That person will be surprised and so happy!!! I guarantee they will post it on social media and share your kindness to another person.

GIVE UP YOUR SEAT. If you take the bus, subway or boat, and all the seats are taken, then why not give up your seat? An elderly person, child, someone with a disability, a pregnant woman or weary traveler might want to sit down.

VOLUNTEER. There are many non-profit organizations around that have opportunities to volunteer. Not only are you helping them out, you are serving your community, and it feels great to do it.

SAY “PLEASE” AND “THANK YOU.” Those magic words that you learned as a child still prove worthy. It will make the person you’re talking to smile and be extra nice to you.

HELP THE HOMELESS. You’re walking around in the city, and you see a homeless person. If it’s cold out, then offer them a blanket or a coat. A nice, cold water bottle is easy to hand out on a hot day. Buy a lunch for them.

OPEN A DOOR. You’re at the bank, and there’s someone leaving as you’re going inside. Hold the door open for them. When someone holds it open for me, I usually smile and thank them.

WRITE A HANDWRITTEN THANK YOU NOTE. Nowadays, life gets so busy, and it’s easier to just text a thank you. While it takes a little more time, writing a quick thank you note will bring a smile to the recipient’s face. The thank you note can be for a gift you received or even the dinner your friend treated you to.

No matter how you practice kindness, it will spread joy and make you feel fantastic. Write a list of things to do, and try to make an effort to do something nice every day.

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