Do you know how “no-shave November” got it’s name – and why it exists? No-Shave November is a movement to raise awareness about men’s health issues, mainly prostate or testicular cancer. Sadly, cancer patients tend to lose their hair. In November, many men participate by growing out their mustaches, beards, and hair. Organizers of this event encourage those who participate, to donate the money they use to pay for hair care, to support cancer and educational organizations instead. November 2019 marks the 10th Anniversary of No-Shave November.

What are some activities you can do to support No-Shave November?

  1. Grow out your hair, mustache, and beard, of course! Women, if you want to participate, then don’t shave your legs or get a haircut.
  2. Make a fundraiser page on Facebook to have your friends and family donate to a charitable cause, and let them know you’re letting your hair grow.
  3. Show your friends and family on social media that you are participating in No-Shave November by posting links to your fundraiser and photos of your hair growth. Ask people to participate with you, or to donate. Use hashtag #NoShaveNovember.