National Teen Self-Esteem Month

Whether you’re still in your teen years or you’ve ventured into your 20s, teenagers are the future of our country and should be celebrated. The month of May is dedicated to teen self-esteem and helping teens voice their needs, share their perspectives and build a positive self-talk.

Did you know? According to I Am Worth More:

  • 75% of girls with low self-esteem have engaged in negative activities
  • 160,000 teens have skipped school due to bullying
  • 65% of girls cite increasing pressure from advertising and media as a key force in driving appearance anxiety
  • 3,000,000 teens have had at least one major depressive episode

You may have experience some of this yourself – or know somebody who has. Let’s help change this narrative by getting involved. Everybody can benefit from improving self-esteem and self talk. Here’s some ideas of how you can get involved this month:

  • Take the 31 day challenge: every day for 31 days post a positive tip on how to become a better version of yourself and improve self-talk.
  • Communicate: Send a note of support to a family friends, your sibling or any other teenager you may know.
  • Attend an Event: Did you know their self-esteem rallies? Attend one!

* National Teen Self-Esteem month is sponsored byI Am Worth More, a nonprofit that connects teens to resources.

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