February, a month of love, a month of continuing your ambitious New Years resolution, and apparently, also a National Snack Month. Now these snacks don’t have to be counter intuitive to the entire month, here are some healthy ways to carry your snack cravings for February and onward.

It’s midnight and you wake up for a midnight snack. You open your fridge and notice that half eaten cheese danish from last night’s grocery run. You pick it up and begin grubbing and satisfying those bacteria in your gut that crave those carbs for you. But this one time you pause and take a moment to look at yourself. Pajamas, bare feet, and a stained white tee, “Wasn’t my new years resolution NOT to eat this kind of stuff?” We all find ourselves in this situation. We forsake our conscience, and betray our better selves, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You have the power to work with reality and help work your way towards living a better lifestyle without completely giving up your hedonistic pleasures.

Remember, your life is yours to live. While many factors are out of your control, things like your health and diet are more proximal than people may think. DIY is one way many people, especially with the availability of the internet in the twenty first century, take control of their lives. Whether it be finance, health, or personal growth of knowledge. All it takes is a few trial and errors from watching a youtube video and you’ll be a competent baker of healthy cookies. Another form of taking control of your snack cravings is learning about what you eat and creating a criteria for yourself, and your type of body so it can make for a better grocery trip next time. There are many nutrition sites such as https://detailed.com/food-blogs/ where people just like you share their knowledge about their diets and lifestyles absolutely free of cost. So for this Valentines Day, make sure you’ll be able to keep yourself and your partner looking just as good as you look on that day 15 years from now.