Throughout the month of May, we are going to focus on some areas that you can focus your attention to assist with your mental health during our changing world.

Oftentimes meditation instructions tell you to let thoughts float past without much thought. But some practices encourage a reflective meditation approach and ask for a reflection period on those thoughts, and feelings, that surface during meditation. During COVID-19, it can be helpful to use this mindful approach to meditating to allow yourself to understand your feelings on a deeper level. 

Sati Sangha is a non-profit that encourages reflective meditation and offers online meditation groups if you should need some help getting started with this approach.

Not into meditation? That’s ok! Taking some time to digest your thoughts and feelings towards your surroundings doesn’t have to be a full-blown meditation session. Instead, take a bath and unwind with your thoughts – or listen to some calming music while you reflect in a journal about your thoughts.

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