Heart Healthy Exercises

With New Year’s Resolutions not far behind us, and Heart Health month upon us, fitness suggestions and meal plans are available in abundance. But which one to choose?

For the young at heart, a good rule of thumb is 60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous activity, preferably aerobic. For 3 of those days push towards intense activity, and also, for 3 of those days-make sure you are doing some kind of weight-bearing exercise.

With these recommendations, the actual exercise selected can be tailored to your current fitness level. Here is a Heart rate zone chart for reference: 

Whatever level you are at- avid runner, daily walker, or group exercise class participant, there are endless options for getting your heart pumping! Identifying your goals will help you choose the right workout for you. Remember to draw a circle around your own feet and make a plan for the person IN THAT CIRCLE. It does not matter if everyone else around you has a Peloton bike, or runs marathons, choose the appropriate workout for where you are now in order to experience progress and longevity! 

Experiencing pain or physical limitation? Modify those exercises so that YOU can perform them. The hope should be to make exercise a regular part of your lifestyle, not a one and done!

Never tried weight training before and can’t afford a personal trainer? The internet has endless videos of weight training and proper form. Whatever you have access to or feel most interested in, start there. Do you have your own set of free weights or access to a gym with machines you have no idea how to use? Did you see a workout routine ad on Facebook that doesn’t require any equipment, just body weight movements? Whatever appeals to you, start there and you will become a healthier and stronger version of yourself in no time!

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