Find Your Passion

Many people in the workforce have not found their passion. They just work to live. Wouldn’t it be awesome to wake up every morning, and be excited about going to work? It won’t seem like a job if you are truly passionate about it. How do you find your passion?

What are you good at? What are your interests? No idea is silly. Pull out your notebook, and brainstorm everything you like to do. Just list them out as quickly as you can. After you’re done, think of the careers that entail your interests. For instance, you love to write. You can list jobs like author, newspaper/magazine editor or writer, food/movie critic, screenwriter for a play, television show or movie, to name a few. While in college, you could try to get a job with your school newspaper.

Research your ideas by going online to find articles and videos about your chosen career. Go to the library or buy books that interest you in regards to the job. If something excites you, then you’ll want to learn more about it, right? Think about tasks that you don’t like, so that you find a job without them.

Internships or shadowing opportunities are wonderful ways to get your feet wet without applying for a job that you’re not sure you’ll love. The internet and your friends/family are your connections to finding that job you’re passionate about. Don’t give up on your dream. Just keep trying and trying until you find your dream job.

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