Crush Your Anxiety

It’s a Tuesday, and you have a huge exam on Thursday morning at 9:00am. You haven’t had a chance to study until now, but you finally have time, and need to focus. Your palms are sweating and you’re having a panic attack. How in the world are you supposed to break this feeling of anxiety?

Just breathe. Controlling your breathing will calm your nerves. Take a few deep breaths by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through your mouth. You can also close your eyes so you can focus on your breathing.

Laugh. Watch a funny movie, TV show, or video. Read some jokes online. If you have time, grab a coffee or breakfast with friends that make you laugh.

Stop thinking about how hard the exam will be, and start thinking positive thoughts and memories. What makes you smile?

Make sure you fuel your body with fruits and vegetables. Avoid too much caffeine.

Do yoga or meditation for 30 minutes.

Take a quick walk for 5-10 minutes to get some fresh air.

When you’re ready to study, turn off all distractions, including your cell phone and TV. It will help you concentrate.

Get a good night’s sleep before the exam, because pulling an all-nighter is not the solution. You will be able to focus better on studying and on your exam.

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