College Loneliness

“College students today are among the brightest, most inclusive and civically engaged in decades. They are also the loneliest.” Why? It’s because they’re better at communicating via texting and social media, rather than speaking to people face to face. Due to technology, more college students have anxiety, depression and loneliness. How do you become social? These suggestions may help.

Most schools offer a variety of sports, and not just your typical football, basketball or baseball. How about ultimate frisbee, kickball, cornhole, or flag football, to name a few? You can also hit the fitness center with your roommate and take a group class. There are also sports clubs like table tennis or Taewondo.

Another option is looking into a multi-cultural, religious, diversity, or Greek club/organization. They all have meetings and social events, so why not join one or a few to see if it’s for you? Don’t forget your student government.

Instead of texting your friend, set up a time to meet up for coffee or a meal. There are also college sporting events and concerts to attend. If you can’t meet up, then just call them. It’s way more meaningful and personal.

Get to know the students in your dorm, classes and clubs/organizations. Having a few close friends is so much better than having hundreds of social media friends. So, take a break from technology and be a social butterfly.

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