Build Your Financial Future


Does your future dream include financial freedom? Let's hope so! Often, financial freedom comes to fruition after you have put in your time with an entry level positions and earned your way upwards. Living a financially stable life while pursuing a job that you are passionate about is often more challenging than it seems. One side [...]

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Heart Healthy Exercises


With New Year’s Resolutions not far behind us, and Heart Health month upon us, fitness suggestions and meal plans are available in abundance. But which one to choose? For the young at heart, a good rule of thumb is 60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous activity, preferably aerobic. For 3 of those days push [...]

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Heart Healthy Snacks


Whole30. Paleo. Keto. Keto “lite.” Macros. Gluten-free. Dairy-Free. FASTer way to fat loss. Organic. Homegrown. All Natural. Our society is definitely NOT devoid of food suggestions. People have been creating diets as far back as 1860! Now a days, you can even send a swab of saliva in the mail to find out what foods you [...]

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Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week


“THE WORLD IS FULL OF KIND PEOPLE... IF YOU CAN'T FIND ONE, BE ONE” Everybody can use more kindness in their life, so let's take Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 14-20, 2021) to kick off a year-long habit of practicing kindness everywhere. The organization, Random Acts of Kindness, has put together some ideas for each day [...]

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American Heart Month


February is the month where heart health awareness is at its peak. Have you ever wondered why? It's actually a tradition that's over half a century strong. In 1964, 9 years following a heart attack, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared February to be American Heart Month. Interested in participating in this campaign for heart health? Here are [...]

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National Blood Donor Month


2020 was filled with conversations about bacteria, viruses and how to stay safe from germs. What you did not hear was that every year seasonal illnesses and bad weather deplete the blood banks across America. January brings an opportunity to donate blood and help fill the blood banks to continue to fight illnesses. Your help is [...]

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Universal Human Rights Month


We can do better as a society and to our fellow mankind. We've seen cruelty and hate engulf the country - and we've seen people take a stand to be better, do better and promote loving each other. In 2001, President George W. Bush declared the first Human Rights Week - later becoming a monthlong, worldwide holiday. [...]

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What is No-Shave November Really About?


Most of us have heard of the phrase No-Shave November on social media and from family and friends. This winter trend was created to bring awareness about the battle many people and their loved ones have had with cancer. The idea is for people to let their hair (that many cancer patients lose) grow for the [...]

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Emotional Wellness Month


We hear of "self-help", "self-care" and "self-development", but "emotional wellness" is a term you may not have heard much of. Emotional wellness is the ability to process our feelings in a healthy way and manage stress. Stress can be either mental or emotional and can have a negative impact on your body. Stress can affect the [...]

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