Bullying Prevention Month

October is Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying happens everywhere and to the vast majority of people all over the world. You might think of bullying as a big kid in school who pushes small kids or makes fun of them in public. But, there are many types of bullying. So, what is bullying? It’s when a person or possibly a group attempts to poke fun or make somebody feel frightened or upset. The reason for this bad behavior is usually due to a difference in appearance, culture, class, or race.

What types of bullying are there? There’s physical bullying where there’s physical harm by exerting power over peers. Examples are kicking, punching, shoving and hitting. Verbal bullying means that someone teases or harasses another person with harsh words. Another type is psychological bullying. It is any kind of intentional mental abuse, such as spreading a rumor or leaving someone out. Lastly, cyberbullying is using technology via online or mobile to cause social or emotional harm to someone.

Now, how do you prevent or minimize bullying? Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and keep a confident posture with a positive attitude. Walk away with a nice salutation. If it’s online, then speak up by saying that their comment didn’t sound kind. When you don’t feel safe to defend yourself, then ask a professor, guidance counselor or any adult you know to help. Also, taking a self defense class will build self confidence, but fighting is your last resort when there’s nothing else you can do to prevent bullying.

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