A simple hashtag empowered a gigantic movement. 

Back in 2013, the hashtag Black Lives Matter was created because of the events of Trayvon Martin’s injustice. But this powerful little hashtag elicited a movement that grew into thousands of chapters advocating for equality justice.

Black Lives Matter Month is a time for reflection and a reminder for Americans to rise up against racism and racially-motivated violence. This is potentially now one of the largest protest movements.

Here are some ways to support the BLM movement this month:

  • Get Involved. Join a peaceful protest or donate to an advocacy group. Support each other!
  • VOTE. Take the time to know the candidates and what they stand for at all levels of the government. Go out and VOTE to make your voice heard.
  • Talk It Out. Have difficult conversations with the people around you. Speak up when you see somebody being treated unfairly.

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