Have you ever doubted yourself or your abilities? Like you are a fraud living amongst others? This is known as Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome is when you feel like despite your accomplishments that you’re really not bright and have fooled people into thinking you are. But this is NOT TRUE. This self-doubt can be improved and you can improve it.

Rather than focusing on self-doubt, understand that being unsure is normal. Break the cyclical thoughts in your head about how you ‘can’t’ or ‘aren’t’ capable and start focusing on the positives. Re-write your mental script with factual moments of accomplishments (no matter how small) – AND BELIEVE YOU EARNED IT.

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Interested to learn more about people’s experiences with the Imposter Syndrome? Check out Talisa Lavarry’s book, “Confessions From Your Token Black Colleague,” about her experiences of Imposter Syndrome while working at a corporate event management company.