Research has shown that our brains retain 40% less information when we have not gotten enough sleep! Sleep is vital for our body to function properly. Let’s look at some of the ways sleep can help your body and next week we will explore techniques for getting more sleep.

3 Ways Sleep Helps Your Body

  1. During non-REM sleep, a fluid washes over your brain to wash away proteins that are blocking neurons from being able to link together. This process only occurs during sleep and helps the brain function efficiently during the waking hours.
  2. While sleeping our brains ‘replay’ the memories of the day and systematically file them away for later use.
  3. The brain works through anxiety, sadness and fear during the REM cycle of sleep. AUC Berkeley study found that one night of sleeplessness can lead to a 30% surge in anxiety!

Next week we will look at some ways to help you get more ZZZzzz’s!