Back to College: 2021 Edition

While 2020 was the year of unknowns and adjusting – 2021 is the year of getting back to normal, safely. There are still many unknowns that we all must navigate, but going back to college should be an exciting time.

Depending on your state and the college of your choice, there are some things to be aware of:

  • Some colleges will require, or strongly encourage, the COVID-19 vaccination. Make sure you check your schools’ website, emails and notifications for any thing that they require going into your new school year. Do to your due diligence to determine what safety measures make sense for you.
  • Some colleges are still mandating masks and social distancing – while others encourage it. Making sure you are prepared for attending college in-person with an appropriate number of masks for each day of attendance will help you maintain a stress-free day on campus.
  • Talk with your financial aid department about your financial needs. COVID-19 drastically changed the game and their may be help available that wasn’t available previously.
  • Review your schools Student Code of Conduct. Rules and regulations have changed which means your college may have made modifications as well.

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