College Loneliness


 “College students today are among the brightest, most inclusive and civically engaged in decades. They are also the loneliest.” Why? It’s because they’re better at communicating via texting and social media, rather than speaking to people face to face. Due to technology, more college students have anxiety, depression and loneliness. How do you become social? [...]

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Identify Your Needs


We all have personal needs aside from the usual survival needs in our life. Although every person has different needs to thrive, few people are aware of them. It can be difficult for us to put our finger on them, so let’s figure out how to identify your needs. Keep a notebook with you or on [...]

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Self-Care Awareness Month


We all know what we’re supposed to do when it comes to taking care of yourself. But, do you always do everything? Maybe not. We sometimes like to take care of others or are too busy to squeeze in what’s best for us because we’re working, studying or feeling lazy. September is Self-Care Awareness Month! #SelfCareAwarenessMonth [...]

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